Concrete Mixes

C7/8 / Gen 0

These mixes are used in both commercial and domestic projects for kerb bedding

Ideal for: Cavity filling, kerbing.

Strength: 7 Newton/28 day strength

C10 / Gen 1

This concrete is a very versatile mix for general construction works and housing applications. Some applications include un-reinforced strip and trench fills.

Other uses include drainage and blinding house floors.

Strength: 10 Newton/28 day strength

C15 / Gen 2

This concrete is suitable for house floors with no steel work.

Ideal for: Sheds & conservatories. Paving for steps and paths, or small wall foundations.

Strength: 15 Newton/28 day strength

C20 / Gen 3

This concrete is mainly for domestic applications and foundations, driveways and garaging, sheds & workshop bases.

Ideal for: Single Story Extensions, Hard Standing Light Traffic, Foot traffic Pathways, Oversite, Domestic House Floors

Strength: 20 Newton/28 day strength

C25 / ST 2

This concrete is a very versatile mix for general C25 concrete or ST2 Concrete is widely versatile and used in many projects.

It is mainly used for footings and foundations in double story extensions. It can also be used for kerbing, infilling around manholes and small bases.

Strength: 25 Newton/28 day strength

C30 / PAV1 / ST 3

These mixes are the most common types of concrete used for pavement construction. It is also ideal for Industrial Hard Standing, Structural Footings, Raft Foundations

PAV 1 mixes have an air entrainment additive This helps to protect the surface from freeze-thaw cycles, making it especially useful for outdoor paving.

Strength: 35 Newton/28 day strength


These are strong commercial grade concrete mixes.

Used for heavy industrial & structural road works, Foundations for septic tanks, paving HGV parks and yards.

Strength: 40 Newton/28 day strength